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Information for the students


Students must make a habit of checking for information on the Department’s Notice Boards (Postgraduate and undergraduate), at the students portal as well as the University’s website.



All students’ registration is done on-line.  It is the responsibility of each student to check for information regularly on-line and comply.  Students must watch for more information on registration at the appropriate time.  They must watch out especially for deadlines.


Each level is overseen by an adviser who guides and advises the students on their study and choice of courses.  Every student must be in constant touch with his or her level adviser throughout his/her programme.



Attendance at lectures is compulsory.  See relevant section in the University academic programme for further information.



Plant Biology Students Association (PLABSA) brings all the students in the Department under an umbrella.  The motto of the Association is “Life for All Through Plants”.  It was established to promote the image of Plant Biology in the University.  Membership is opened to all registered students in the Department.

The association has a Grand Patron; usually a senior academic of Professorial rank. The activities of the association include welcoming orientation programme for the new and returning students, seminars, sports, dinner, publications, academic excursions, quiz, debate, sports competitions and other as deemed beneficial to the students of the Department.

Members shall pay association registration fees that would be determined from time to time by the Executive council of PLABSA in conjunction with the Head of Department.



Students in the Department must register for and offer compulsory, required and elective courses in the department.  Students must sit for the examinations of all registered courses including electives.



Every full-time student must register for not less than 15 or more than 24 credits per semester (Except with special permission from the Dean).




The Department is provided with well equipped laboratories for practical classes. Equipment such as compound microscopes, dissecting microscopes, electrophoresis mechines, microtome, centrifuges, UV spectrophotometer, water bath, rotary evaporators, water distillers, laminar flow, weight mettle balance, ovens, incubators, cooled incubator, embedding oven, pH meters, autoclave, deep freezers, refrigerators, soxlet        extractor, dissecting set, bunsen burner, glass wares, kjeldahls apparatus with heater, haemocytometer, checker, water bath checker and chemicals are available in the laboratories.


For effective conduction and administration of the course practicals, practical manuals are produced annually for the students in 100 to 400 levels. Students are to obtained a copy or more of the practical manuals depending on the courses taking at different academic levels.


The herbarium unit of the Department is located within the Departmental building. It contains large number of plant specimens for teaching and references. The Herbarium Committee organized for field trips to further increase the number of plant specimens in the herbarium. A curator is on ground for proper plant identification and issuance of voucher numbers.  


A very large acre of land near the river Oyun at the University campus is set aside as the Unilorin Botanical Garden. Two screen houses are well positioned in the garden for practical and teaching purposes. Plots of land containing different species of plants are marked out within the Garden. Each plot is clearly identified with label tags. Another section is for the students’ experimental project works. There are plantations such as Citrus plantation.