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Prof. M.O. Oriowo - List of Publications


1.Wright C.Y., Norval M., Summers B., Davids L., Coetzee G., Oriowo O.M. (2012). The impact of solar UV radiation on human health in sub-Saharan Africa. South African Journal of Science.  108 (11/12):1-6.

2.Wright C.Y, Norval M., Summers B., Davids L., Coetzee G., Oriowo O.M.  (2012). Solar ultraviolet radiation exposure and human health in South Africa: Finding a balance.South African Medical Journal.  102 (8):665-666.

3.Oriowo O.M., Alotaibi A.Z.(2011). Chromagen lenses and abnormal colour perception. South African Optometrist  Journal.70 (2): 69-74.

4.Ovenseri-Ogbomo G. O., Kio F.E., Morny E.K., Amedo A.O., Oriowo O.M.  (2011). Two decades of Optometric education in Ghana: update and recent developments. South African Optometrist Journal.  70 (3): 136-141.

5.Alotaibi A.Z., Ikpotokin E.A., Oriowo O.M.   (2011). Assessment of the Medmont C100 test for colour vision screening of male Saudi Arabians. South African Optometrist  Journal.  70 (1): 14-20

6.Oriowo O.M.  (2009).Profile of central corneal thickness in diabetics with and without dry eye in a Saudi population.Optometry - Journal of the American Optometric Association. 80 (8): 442 - 446.  

7.Oriowo O.M.  (2009).Evaluating the cytotoxicity of contact lens multipurpose solutions in an in-vitro lens system. South African Optometrist  Journal.  68 (1): 4-11.  

8.Sithole H.L, Oduntan O.A, Oriowo O.M. (2009). Eye protection practices and symptoms among welders in the Limpopo Province of South Africa. South African Optometrist  Journal.  69 (3): 130-136.  

9.Sithole H.L, Oduntan O.A, Oriowo O.M.  (2009). Oculo-visual status of the welders in the Capricorn District of the Limpopo Province of South Africa. South African Optometrist Journal.  68 (1): 32-37.  

10. Oriowo O.M.  (2009).Eye dominance versus habitual leg preference and its relevance to occupational and sport vision counseling.Saudi Journal of Sports Medicine.11 (1): 15-20.

11.Oriowo O.M., Alotaibi A.Z.(2008). Colour vision screening among Saudi Arabian children. South African Optometrist  Journal.  67 (2): 56-61.  

12.Oriowo O.M. (2007). An investigation of corneal integrity in recreational divers. Saudi Medical Journal.  28 (11): 1700-1705.

13.Oriowo O.M. (2006). A fluorometric study of relative ocular lens cytosensitivity to multipurpose contact lens solutions using the resazurin assay method. Toxicology In Vitro. 20(8):1548-1554.

14.Bantseev V., Oriowo O.M.,  Giblin F.J., Leverenz V.R., Trevithick J.R. and Sivak J.G.  (2004).Effect of hyperbaric oxygen on guinea pig lens optical quality and on the refractive state of the eye. Experimental Eye Research. 78 (5): 925-931.

15.Youn HY, Moran KL, Oriowo O.M., Bols NC, Sivak JG. (2004). Surfactant and UV-B-induced damage of the cultured bovine lens. Toxicology In Vitro. 18(6):841-852.

16.Oriowo O.M. (2003). AlamarBlue bioassay for in vitro cellular investigation of UV-crystalline lens damage. Ophthalmic & Physiological Optics.23 (4): 307-314.

17.Oriowo O.M., Cullen A.P. and Sivak J.G. (2002). Impairment of eye lens cell physiology and optics by broadband UVA/UVB radiation. Photochemistry and Photobiology. 76 (3): 361-367.

18.Oriowo O.M., Cullen A.P., Schirmer K., Chou B.R.,Bols N.C. and Sivak J.G. (2002). Evaluation of porcine lens and a fluorescence assay approach for in vitro ocular toxicological investigations. Alternatives To Laboratory Animals (ATLA).30(5): 505-513.

19.Doughty M.J.,Oriowo O.M.,  and Cullen A.P. (2002). Morphometry of the corneal endothelium in glassblowers compared to non-glassblowers. J. Photochemistry &Photobiology. B. Biology. 67: 130-138.

20.Oriowo O.M., Cullen A.P., Chou B.R. and Sivak J.G. (2001). Action spectrum and recovery for in vitro UV-induced cataract using whole lenses. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science.42: 2596-2602.

21.Oriowo O.M., Chou B.R.  and Cullen A.P. (2000). Eye exposure to optical radiation in the glassblowing industry: An investigation in Southern Ontario. Canadian Journal of Public Health. 91: 471-474.

22.Oriowo O.M., Cullen A.P., Chou B.R. and Robinson B.E. (1999). Corneal endothelium as a biomarker for optical radiation insult on the eyes of the Glassblowers.Canadian  Journal of Optometry. 61: 90-94.

23.Oriowo O.M., Chou B.R. and Cullen A.P. (1998). Authors’ reply to Vos and Norren – On the relevant spectral parts for glassblowers’ cataract. Ophthalmic & Physiological Optics.18: 311-313.

24.Oriowo O.M., Chou B.R., Cullen A.P. and Robinson B.E. (1997). Occupational exposure to optical radiation and the ocular health status of glassblowers. Ophthalmic & Physiological Optics. 17: 483-491.

25.Oriowo O.M., Chou B.R. and Cullen A.P. (1997). Glassblowers' ocular health and safety: optical radiation hazards and eye protection assessment. Ophthalmic & Physiological Optics.17: 216-224.

26.Cullen A.P., Oriowo O.M., andVoisin C.A. (1997). Anterior eye focusing of peripheral ultraviolet and visible radiation albedo. Clinical &  Experimental Optometry. 80: 80-86.

27.Oriowo O., Chou R. and Cullen A. (1997). Glassblowers ocular safety: a technical report. Journal of The American Scientific Glassblowers’ Society (FUSION), August, vol XLIV (3), 36-47.Amer Scientific Glassblowers Soc J (Fusion) 44(3): 36-47.

28.Oriowo O.M. (1996). Risk factors for retinal phototoxicity in aphakic and pseudophakic patients. A review and case report. South African Optometrist Journal. 55: 41-47.

29.Oriowo O.M. and Robinson, B.E. (1996). The epidemiology of cataracts associated with ultraviolet radiation. A current review.Canadian  Journal of Optometry. 58: 26-33.

30.Oriowo O.M. and Briggs, S.T. (1994). Contact lens management of pellucid marginal corneal degeneration in a Saudi-Arabia Teaching Hospital. International Contact Lens Clinic Journal.   21: 147-150.


DDrDr   Dr. OKESINA Kazeem Abidemi - List of Publications

1.LS Ojulari, OT Olatubosun, KB Okesina, BV Owoyele (2014). The Effect of ZingiberOfficinale (Ginger) Extract on Blood Pressure and Heart Rate in

Healthy Humans. IOSR Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences. 13 (10): 76-78


. AO Oyabambi, CM Ibitoye, SA Biliaminu, KB Okesina, ANyamngee (2014). Processing method influences the effect of Cassava (Manihotesculenta) consumption on blood lipid profile in rats. Biokemistri. Vol. 26 (1) 9–12.


3. KB Okesina, VI Iyawe, AB Okesina, LS Ojulari (2012). Changes in Peak Expiratory Flow Rate, Blood Pressure and Pulse Rate following Ingestion of Increased Coffee Concentrations in Healthy Male Adults. Journal of Medicine and Biomedical Research. Vol. 11 (1) 78-87.


4. LA Olayaki, KB Okesina, AI’R Abioye, MS Ajao, AOlawepo (2012). L-Tryptophan Reduces Creatinine Clearance in Alloxan-Induced Diabetic Rats. Tropical Journal of Health Sciences, Vol. 19 (1) 1-4.


5.  LS Ojulari, MA Bisiriyu, KB Okesina, MT Ayinla (2010). The Effect of MomordicacharantiaLeaf Extract on White Blood Cell Count in Albino Rats. International Journal of Biosciences Vol. 5 (3) 9-18.